Valentines From Lexington Diagnostic Center

In February, we traditionally spend at least a few hours thinking about those we love ? our children, our parents, our spouses, our ?significant others.? But what about those we work with? At Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI, we think of one another as family. During this, the month of love, we wanted to share our ?valentines? with you!

?I truly love working at LDC. Yes, it?s a great place to work but it?s the people that make coming to work easy, fun, and worthwhile. I see these people probably more than I see my own family so not only are they my co-workers, they are more like family. If anything, I know I?ve met lifelong friends.?
? Teresa Morris, administrative assistant

?There are so many reasons I love working here. One reason is the administration recognizes employee?s talents beyond their job responsibilities and very few places even attempt that. Personally, I love giving my patients attention in teaching them about their exam, listening to their concerns, and educating them just a little about the system. Every day I get to take care of a patient I am taught something and that just makes me a better tech and person,?
? Karen Harter, nuclear medicine technologist

?I could not ask to be a part of a better organization! LDC truly cares about every person; their commitment to integrity and quality is limitless! I love my LDC Family!?
? Cat Way, radiology technologist

?I have worked in three departments in the six years I have been at Lexington Diagnostic Center, and each department has wonderful, compassionate and very capable people. I think we have the best staff around, from our doctors to our tech aides, the front desk to the billing office and administration. We really care about the work we do and the patients we care for. LDC is like a second family to me and I am proud to work here.?
? Anna McKinney, office assistant

?One thing that makes LDC such a wonderful place to work is the open atmosphere with management.? We have the most amazing management of anywhere I have worked.? And no one here has ever been too busy to ?jump in? and just work. The staff go above and beyond when it comes to teamwork.? It?s nice to work somewhere where people realize that you are human.?
? Darrell Maines, billing specialist

?I?ve never met a more compassionate, hardworking, kind and considerate group of people. I enjoy coming to work and being around these people ? this family ? and doing what I love to do, which is help people, listen and if I?m lucky, make people laugh.?
? Debra Withers, sonographer

?I work with a great group of people. When someone is in need of help, there is someone always willing to help out, no matter how big or small ? someone is always willing to help.?
? Lori Murphy, scheduler

?I?ve been at LDC since 2012, and my favorite thing about working here is my coworkers. We have an excellent staff that cares about our patients.?
? Dr. Robert Pope

?Coming to work for LDC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made ? employees are treated with respect and kindness. I recently lost my husband of 29 years of a sudden unexpected death. I had always felt like this group of people were like family, I now know that they are family. The support from LDC was from the love in their hearts for myself and our family. I am blessed and proud to say I work for Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI.?
? Joyce Newman, billing specialist

?I enjoy working at LDC because they seem to truly appreciate their employees. They acknowledge their hard work, whether it be with a lunch, a gift card or a kind word. That has been a breath of fresh air.?
? Amy Perkins, receptionist

?About 10 years ago my house caught on fire and my three kids and I lost everything. Dr. Privett and LDC collected money and donated kitchen items, clothes, everything. We were living in a hotel and upon returning after my son?s basketball tournament one evening, I was told by the hotel staff to come to the front desk. LDC had paid for another room so that we all didn?t have to be crowded in the one. They also had bought teddy bears, blankets, food and drinks for me and my kids. When we were able to get back in a house, Dr. Privett aided in providing a refrigerator and stove for my new home. I told him I didn?t know how I could pay him back and he said, ?Don?t worry. I know where you work.? I truly have angels here on earth.
? Victoria Guy, front office/scheduling manager

?I have so many close relationships at LDC. During the death of my mother, I was nurtured and comforted by this fabulous group of people. I just feel loved here.?
? Karen Sykes, LDC Nurse

?It truly is a family environment. We are there for each other every day? switching schedules and helping one another out no matter what. You feel the love when you walk in the door.?
? Charley Cordray, MRI technologist

?The heart of the LDC team is our caring staff. We meet patients during their toughest times, and we treat them like family. Every day, I see staff members? compassion for our patients shine. I see it when a receptionist helps with a patient?s paperwork. I see it when a technologist offers extra words of encouragement. At LDC, patient care is why we?re here and I see that in action at every corner. And, our hearts are fullest when we work together to serve people who walk through our doors.?
? Margaret Hancock, administrator

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