No Better Time To Say “Thanks” Than Now

      We at Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI are continuously thankful for the patients who choose to use us for their care; for?the physicians and other healthcare providers who have placed their trust and confidence in us to care for their patients; and for every member of our team, who work diligently to ensure that our patients are well cared for, our testing is of the highest quality and our reputation is sterling.

      In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share with you a few of the comments we have received from our patients about their experiences at LDC. We know the best way for people to get to know and trust us is through the experiences of their friends and families.

      Raves about our Team
      ?My technician Karen was so very nice and informative. Very professional and compassionate. I want her to do every procedure I ever have to have in the future!?

      ?Each and every member of you staff were exceptional. Giving and getting information, caring and concern directed to each patient. A very calming influence which in my case was very appreciated.?

      ?I have had a number of CT scans at (other facilities). The nursing staff at LDC was the friendliest and most informative I have yet encountered. The Technician who first explained the test and then administered it was by far the most qualified in his knowledge of the procedure and its explanation to me that I have had.? He was expert in the injection ? no bruise, no hesitation, no pain ? a real delight.? All excellent.?

      ?For my very first time visiting the staff made me feel like I had been there multiple of times. That gave me a such a great feeling and Ms. Debra was so awesome and you definitely made me feel welcomed. Thank You Lexington Diagnostic Center you all are absolutely awesome.?

      ?Lee Kirkland did a great job explaining everything to me. He made me feel relaxed the whole time. I could tell he genuinely cared.?

      ?The tech, I think his name was Lee, was also very courteous and explained everything in detail and answered any questions I had.?

      Comparing Prices
      ?Previous people I work with have compared prices to local hospitals and found that Lexington Diagnostics has better pricing and much faster results.? When we send our patients there, their results sometimes beat them back to the office!?

      ?You offer the same services other facilities offer at a much more reasonable price. Short wait times and a knowledgeable staff. I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars if I had gotten my X-rays here. Hospital charged almost $1,500. For 3 simple X-rays of hands and feet. Taught me a valuable lesson about shopping for the best value for my money.?

      Efficiency and Convenience
      ?I can always count on fast, friendly and knowledgeable service when I am calling LDC in a professional role as well as a personal role.?

      ?Your office seems like a well-oiled machine.? I like that I left with my disk even though you sent results to 2 different doctors.? Some places I?ve been too seem put out if you ask for a copy of your records.?

      ?I was extremely appreciative that I was able to come from my physician to get an X-ray without an appointment as I live out of town.? I did not feel very well that day, and I was grateful that I did not have to travel back to Lexington at another time.?

      ?The most professional medical facility I?ve ever been to. Everyone was so polite and friendly.?

      ?I was scheduled for 7:30 and there was a wreck and I was actually 30 minutes late for my appointment time. The Staff worked me in anyway, which was awesome because I drove an hour to get there.?

      You, too, can discover the convenience and value of having your medical imaging done at Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI. We perform a wide array medical imaging exams, including:
      ? CT scans
      ? MRI
      ? Ultrasound
      ? General x-ray
      ? Virtual colonoscopy
      ? Nuclear medicine studies
      ? Dexa and bone density studies
      ? Cardiac calcium scoring
      ? Low-Dose CT scanning for lung cancer
      ? Prostate MRI
      ? Epidural and facet block injections

      Love Is Blind. Good Health Isn?t! Stay Vigilant with Prostate Screenings.

      Nothing says ?romance? like talking about prostate screenings, right? Maybe not. Though it isn?t the most comfortable of topics, it?s important for you or the man you love to stay informed and vigilant for the most common cancer among men. There is a one in two chance that a man will develop prostate cancer as he ages.

      Prostate cancer may cause no signs or symptoms in its early stages.
      Prostate cancer that is more advanced may cause signs and symptoms such as:
      ? Trouble urinating
      ? Decreased force in the stream of urine
      ? Blood in the semen
      ? Discomfort in the pelvic area
      ? Bone pain
      ? Erectile dysfunction

      Fortunately, successful detection and treatment are possible with proper screenings.

      Traditional methods of detection require numerous biopsies be taken blindly in the prostate, increasing discomfort and the risk of complications. New MRI imaging techniques allow doctors to first determine if a tumor exists, where it is, its size, and the likelihood of cancer.? If suspicious tumor is found, then a targeted, less-invasive biopsy can be performed. If no tumor is identified or if a biopsy shows low or medium grade tumor, then ?watchful waiting? or monitoring may be an option.

      With early detection, a positive prostate cancer diagnosis does not require an urgent decision and there is time to do your own research and get several opinions.

      Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI offers MRIs of the prostate which can show the presence, location or, hopefully, the absence of cancer. This test uses an MRI scan of the pelvic area with and without contrast enhancement (contrast is a substance injected by IV to enhance the visibility of blood vessels and detect abnormal tissue).

      ?There is a lot of confusion in prostate cancer diagnoses stemming from unclear results and recommendations for when men should have a biopsy,? said Dr. George Privett, Medical Director, Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI ?By using modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we can more accurately localize and stage prostate cancer. This is a significant diagnostic tool, and can add potentially life-saving enhancement to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.?

      The whole screening procedure only takes about an hour, but can provide invaluable, life-saving results and peace of mind. Stay vigilant and choose good health for yourself and your valentine! To learn more, call Lexington Diagnostic Center & Open MRI at (859) 278-7226.

      Remember, for your medical imaging needs, you have a choice.