DEXA bone density testing is the most accurate method available for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. It is also considered an accurate estimator of fracture risk.

      Evaluate for osteoporosis due to calcium loss which is a silent progressive disease characterized by decrease in bone density and increased bone fragility.

      DEXA bone density scan

      Quick overview of a DEXA

      Women are at greatest risk. One-third of women over age 50 have osteoporosis.
      After menopause, a woman’s risk of suffering a spine or femur fracture is 3 times that of a man.
      Early detection and intervention is crucial.

      Most common causes of calcium loss are:

      Early menopause
      Over age 50
      Reduced calcium intake
      Thin and small framed
      Drugs such as cortisone
      Endocrine treatment for prostate cancer
      Treatments for obesity in adults and children
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