Now introducing our 16-slice LightSpeed with ASiR CT machine

16-slice LightSpeed with ASiR CT machine

A CT scan is an advanced type of x-ray that uses a computer to process the image. Rather than being stationary, as with a traditional x-ray, the x-ray tube moves around the body, creating multiple cross-sectional images. A CT scan may be preferable for views of hard tissue like bones and cartilage as well as images of the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. Additionally, we are able to do CT angiography which is a technique used to visualize arterial and venous vessels in the body. This ranges from arteries serving the brain to arteries that bring blood to the lungs, kidneys, arms, and legs.

Most scans performed in less than 1 minute
Lung cancer screening
Angiograms of the vessels of the abdomen, brain and extremities
Accommodates claustrophobic and large patients (up to 400 lbs.)
ASiR low dose technologies
High-resolution images
Optimized dose levels
Sub-millimeter slice thickness
Shorter breath-holds for patients
An experience designed for patient comfort

What is Contrast? Dr. Harris explains.

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