Lexington Diagnostic Center takes patient care and safety very seriously. If you’re familiar with imaging centers or scans, such as MRI and CT, then you’re likely aware of the fact that prior to any of these scans, a radiology technologist will politely ask you to please remove your jewelry and clothing and change into a specified gown. We ask our patients to do this to prevent injury.

Why is the gown necessary even if you’re not wearing metal? Because many different types of clothing have metal microfibers (used to help prevent shrinking) that may result in skin burns caused during the imaging scan.

The magnet on the MRI is very strong. For your safety, it is LDC’s policy that all patients undress and put on a gown to ensure that we do not get any artifacts from threads or hidden metal in your clothing. Not only for your safety, but we also want to make sure nothing obscures the images.

Now that you’re more informed, we hope you understand that if a radiologist or tech asks you to change, it’s because they’re looking out for you. To learn more about imaging scans, how to prepare for an imaging scan, what to expect during an imaging scan, or to book an imaging scan, contact us today!


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