LDC Acquires New MRI Prostate Imaging Scan September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI has acquired the capability of providing MRI of the prostate to demonstrate the presence and localization or the absence of cancer. This test utilizes an MRI of the pelvis area with and without contrast enhancement using a surface coil.

Special MRI protocols and software (VividLook? by iCAD?) provides dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE-MRI) images that measure abnormal blood flow through leaky blood vessels that are present in cancer. Colorized maps indicate areas in the prostate that are suspicious or abnormal. The test takes about 40 minutes and does not require a rectal probe or difficult bowel preparations.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men after skin cancer. There is a one in two chance that a man will develop prostate cancer. Most cases of prostate cancer are detected by elevation of a blood test, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and/or Digital Rectal Exam (DRE).

Statistics show that when the PSA is abnormal, only 12 to 20% of men will have a biopsy positive for cancer. When the PSA is normal, 15% of men will still have cancer. At least 20% of cancers are missed when 10 to 30 random (blind) biopsies of the prostate are taken.

Visualizing cancer within the prostate has been difficult because the prostate is small and deep in the body. Power Doppler Ultrasound using a rectal probe may be useful but random biopsies have been the main diagnostic tool.

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE-MRI) images have for the first time provided the ability to highlight and localize prostate cancer. This allows urologists to target specific areas of the prostate for biopsy and increase the chances for finding cancer if is there. In addition DCE-MRI can help in pre-treatment planning and in post-treatment follow up. DCE-MRI will also be useful in patients who are on blood thinners and who cannot have a biopsy.

Prostate Scan

Red Crescent Shaped Area DCE-MRI on the Left Image Indicates Prostate Cancer.

Other diagnostic imaging tests used to evaluate prostate cancer at Lexington Diagnostic Center are Prostacint? nuclear scans, nuclear bone scans, PET scans, CT scans and chest x-rays. Lexington Diagnostic Center and OPEN MRI is the exclusive provider in the Bluegrass of VividLook? DCE-MRI and Prostacint? nuclear medicine scans.

For more information contact Dr. George Privett by e-mail at:?gwprivett@aol.com?or by phone at 859-278-7226.


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