LightSpeed with ASiR CT Machine

Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI is pleased to announce the installation of a new 16-slice CT scanner to better serve the needs of its patients and the community.

The GE Lightspeed CT scanner uses x-rays and advanced computer software to produce three-dimensional, color-enhanced images of the body. The CT scanner produces multiple cross sections of the body part being examined, which allows the radiologist to study each ?slice? to look for abnormalities.

CT scans are especially useful in diagnosing diseases and conditions of hard tissues, like bones and cartilage, as well as the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. The new equipment allows Lexington Diagnostic Center to offer a new service ? CT angiography.

?CT angiography allows us to capture images of the blood vessels,? said Chad Blair, clinical manager at Lexington Diagnostic Center. ?CTA is useful in diagnosing conditions that affect the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain, lungs, abdomen, kidneys, the arms and legs,? he noted.

Conditions detected by CTA include narrowing of the arteries, or atherosclerosis; blockages; weaknesses in the arteries (aneurysms); tears in the vessels (dissection); blood clots in the lungs; buildup of fluid around the heart (pericarditis); and abnormal blood vessel patterns that could indicate an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) or tumor.

The new CT scanner offers quicker scan times, a larger bore to accommodate patients up to 400 pounds and high-resolution images, Blair noted. An important feature of the new CT is ASiR technology, which can reduce radiation exposure by as much as 40 percent.

In addition to CT angiography, the new equipment can:
? Low-Dose CT, a relative new procedure that has been approved by the FDA for early detection of lung abnormalities, including those that could indicate cancer.
? Virtual colonoscopy, which allows patients to undergo this important, life-saving testing without the anxiety and invasiveness of a regular colonoscopy

?We are very pleased to be able to offer a wide range of high-quality CT exams to the community at costs that are often considerably less,? Blair said.

Discover the Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI quality and price difference. For more information about having your next imaging exam performed at LDC, give us a call at (859) 278-7226.

The mission of Lexington Diagnostic Center & Open MRI is to provide high quality compassionate medical imaging services at fair prices for all patients throughout the commonwealth.

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