Life's Hope Shines by Isacc Duncan, III

      Sculpture: ?Life?s Hope Shines?
      Artist: Isaac Duncan,lll.
      Quote by Mr Duncan, ?May this sculpture remind us all that life is precious and that we should not lose hope nor faith in the medical profession and healing process.?Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI gives hope, comfort and professional care to those who are going through health challenges.”

      Luke Achterberg Sculptures at Lexington Diagnostic Center and Open MRI

      Sculpture: ??Getting Back Up”
      Artist: Luke Achterberg
      The sculpture is Mr. Achterberg’s interpretation of Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI helping patients to get back on their feet after an illness or health issue.

      Luke Achterberg at Lexington Diagnostic Center

      Luke Achterberg and Dr. Privett at Lexington Diagnostic Center